Below you will find various useful maps to help guide you during the SEATJ conference

This Google map will show you several hotels (also mentioned on the Accommodations page) within walking distance of campus:

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Large map of Charleston downtown with Beatty Center (conference site) identified:

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Zoomed-in Map identifying entry point into the Beatty Center (entrance point where the “A” pin is located):

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Map of First Floor of Beatty Center with the Main Entrance to the building highlighted in Green (entry from Liberty Street).  The Wells Fargo auditorium (location for keynote speaker, March 9) is highlighted in Yellow:

Map of Second Floor of Beatty Center with the Classrooms (216 & 218) highlighed in Yellow and the break room (220) highlighted in Purple:

Detailed map of campus
The detailed map displays our campus in its entirety. Use this map to find specific buildings, parking lots, etc. The Detailed Map can be printed on letter-size paper.

Illustrated map of campus
The illustrated map displays campus from a bird’s-eye perspective. Use this map to find specific buildings, or as the basis for a walking tour of campus.